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Metal Earth Puzzle - Game Of Thrones: Iron Thone - DIY 3D Model Kit / Metal Jigsaw Puzzle


Metal Earth Game of Thrones Iron Throne Model Kit

Step aside Cersei, Daenerys and Jon- The quickest way to the Iron Throne is to build it yourself! Make yourself the undisputed ruler of Westeros with this Metal Earth Game of Thrones Iron Throne Model Kit, perfect for a GoT lover!

The 1000 blades of Aegon's enemies built into one impressively spiky chair... Simply break the pieces away from the metal sheet and follow the instructions to build your own stunning replica of TV's most iconic piece of furniture.

If you're a puzzle lover or a big fan of a fiddly brain teaser, this model kit from Metal Earth is for you! This Challenging construction will have you tearing your hair out until you look like Varys, but it will be so rewarding when you finish it!