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Free Shipping On UK Orders When You Spend £25+ 📦

Leaps & Ledges - Board Game

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Take friendly competition to a whole new level and race to the top of this colourful tower! Play your cards right to move up in small steps or big leaps. The first to get all four pawns to the top is the tower champion!

What’s in the box?

  • Tower base and crown
  • 15 colourful platforms
  • 72 playing cards
  • 15 pawns

How to play:

Place the game base in the centre of the playing area. Snap all of the level platforms in place and add the tower crown at the top.

Each player takes four pawns of one colour. Shuffle all 72 playing cards together, split the deck in half and place each half, face down, on opposite sides of the base.

Draw three cards to form your hand – three cards should be held at all times.

Place a card face up in the “discard” pile and move one of your pawns up the tower according to the number on the card.

As play continues, you will have the opportunity to set back your opponent’s pawns, or advance your own, by using special cards or in a situation where your pawn is on the same level as an opponent’s.

The game ends as soon as any one player successfully moves all four pawns by exact count into the crown!


Leaps & Ledges strengthens math, strategy and problem-solving skills!