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Kombo Klash - Board Game

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A wildly clever game of crazy combos!

As the sun sets, and the moon rises over the ancient ground, the craziest and bravest creatures gather for… THE KLASH. Master each creatures’ unique abilities to form crazy combos, score points and win the game! Kombo Klash is the tile laying, combo-scoring ultimate test of battle, wit and ability.

Manipulate, steal, smash and kick your way to victory!

What’s in the box?

  • One cloth game board
  • 48 kombo tiles
  • Four reference tiles
  • Four scoring counters

How to play:

The aim of Kombo Klash is to score as many points as possible by the end of the game.

The game is played over multiple rounds. Players start each turn with five tiles in their hand. Each payer takes a turn, adding them to the central board with the aim of scoring the most points. Turns then continue clockwise.

On your turn, you must play a tile at least once on your turn, you can do this multiple times as long as you have the tiles available to play. There are 8 different animals represented on the tiles. Each creature has a unique ability that may be activated after their tile is placed on the board.

Once, and only once per turn, a player can choose to activate a Kombo, by flipping over a set of 3 or more adjacent tiles of the same type. For a Kombo to be valid each tile in the Kombo must be the same creature and share a side with at least one other tile in that Kombo. That player then scores the total amount that is shown on the tiles.

At the end of your turn, draw back up to five tiles.

Play then continues until one player reaches a pre-determined amount of points – which is 75 in a standard game.  This signals the end of the game, whoever has the most points, wins!


Kombo Klash is filled with bright attractive art, and is perfect for both kids and adults!