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Kamikara Poppin' Penguin! Paper Craft Kit by Haruki Nakamura

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The term KAMIKARA originates from a combination of two Japanese words kami ( paper ) and karakuri ( mechanical mechanism ), defined by renowned Japanese paper engineer Haruki Nakamura.

Each kit is intuitively designed and easy to build without requiring any tools. Kit includes perforated paper sheets, rubber bands, and English pictorial instructions. Once the paper pieces are popped out, each of them that require folds are scored for easy assembly. A paper hook tool is included in the kit to assist installing the rubber band. To setup the paper action, first hold the penguin upside down and press it down onto a table with two fingers beside the stopper on the bottom of penguin to lock in flat position.

Once setup, drop the penguin from at least 12" high onto a floor and see it pop back into life! Enjoy the next generation of paper crafts!

Assembled size (estimate) : 7" x 7" x 5.5"