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Kameloot - Board Game

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Taverns and turncoats, merchants and magic… oh my!

Enter the Hooting Owl tavern, where magicians and merchants make their moves, or the Black Cat tavern home of crooks and scheming sorcerers. As a fellow merchant, you will need to bend in, collect and trade magical objects to become the richest merchant in Kameloot. Watch out for turncoats, and traitors, there is no mercy in the taverns!

What’s in the box:

  • 96 Magical object cards
  • Six tavern tokens: One hooting owl side, one black cat side

How to play:

Enter one of the two most popular taverns in Kameloot, The Hooting Owl or The Black Cat. In the taverns, the merchants within will help you complete your collections of magical objects. Once you complete a collection, then sell it to the tavern clients and split the gold your earn among the merchants.

One tavern token goes to each player. Choose your teams by tossing the tavern coins, this is the tavern you will start in.

Shuffle the Magic Object cards – each player gets four. Put the remaining cards as the deck in the middle of the table.

Kameloot is player over several rounds. On your turn, carry out three actions in order.

  1. Make magical objects from a collection available by placing one or several matching Magical Object cards face up on the table. OR use the power of a magical object by turning the card face up next to the draw pile and apply the power indicated on the card.
  2. Check if you have completed a collection inside your tavern. A complete collection contains the same number of magical objects as indicated on the card. If, and only if the collection is completed, share the magical objects between all the members of your tavern. To do this, collect ALL the cards with the same object from all members of your tavern. Distribute all the cards face up with the coin icon showing, clockwise.
    These cards received make up your fortune!
  1. Take new cards. Draw cards to make up your hand to four. If you already have four cards, you do not need to draw.

Each magical object has different powers to help you through the game!

The game ends when the draw pile is empty. Each player should play an even amount of times.

Count up the number of gold coins received from selling magical objects. If you have the most, congratulations! You are the richest merchant in Kameloot and you win!


Kameloot will test your strategy, bluffing and decision making!