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HABA - The Key: Theft in Cliffrock Villa

  • Simultaneous deduction game with solo variant
  • High desire to play again as each game is different
  • Unique solution check with key mechanism
  • Beginner Level
There has been a shocking string of robberies at Cliffrock Villa. Valuable works of art have been stolen!

The players start their investigations and combine clues about the perpetrators, time of the crimes, stolen items, and escape plans. They need to generate the right number code to put the thieves behind bars.

In the end, it’s not necessarily the fastest investigator who wins the game, but the most efficient one.

Please Note: This game is multi-language so there is both English & German on packaging and game contents - Entire game is completely playable in English.

 4 briefcase screens, 4 dry-erase markers with erasers, 4 investigation files,
9 wooden keys, 1 solution board, 140 cards: 72 witness statements and 68 lab cards (20 fingerprint cards, 24 found object cards, 24 surveillance camera cards), 1 rulebook.