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HABA - Find The Code: Pirate Island

  • To be filled with contents of choice
  • Treasure chest with resettable combination lock for a new puzzle-solving adventure each time
  • Riddles without words at three difficulty levels
Players embark on an exciting pirate treasure hunt and find a padlocked treasure chest.
To crack the combination, they must cooperate to piece the jigsaw treasure map together, solve the riddles on the riddle card and move the wooden figure the correct number of squares in order to open the valuable treasure chest.

Suitable for ages 5-10

 1 Treasure Chest, 1 Combination Lock, 1 Riddle Box, 1 Folder, 12 Riddle Cards, 9 Jigsaw Pieces (combine to make a Treasure Map), 1 Small Wooden Figure, 1 Rulebook.