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Get Lit! Card Game

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Benny Burns likes it really loud. Only if you have a big blast at the annual pyromaniac competition can you get a look at Benny‘s legendary collection of safes. Set off bombs with the longest fuses to stand a chance of winning. But be careful, there are crooks who are trying to control the big bang to their own end…

Get ready for a blast – the fuse is lit!

What’s in the box?

  • 110 cards

How to play:

Secure the highest-value fuse cards by setting off two bombs at the right moment. You can use water cards to water down the other players chances of creating a big bang!

Shuffle the fuse cards and deal out four of them to each player. Take these cards into your hand, along with one water card. Shuffle the remaining fuse and water cards together. Use (approximately) 25 of these cards to form a small face-down card stack.

Now shuffle the cutting card into this small card stack. After that, put all remaining cards on top, thus forming the face-down draw pile.

On your turn, you either: play one card from your hand, or set off a bomb.

Play either a fuse card to continue growing the length of the fuse or a water card to extinguish it.

The game ends immediately as soon as the fuse cutting card is taken from the draw pile or all players have set off two bombs.

Add up the values of all the face-up cards of your bomb piles. The face-down card on top of each pile (the one that set off the bomb) is not included in the count! Subtract the values of your hand cards from this total.

If you have the highest total, you have created the loudest bang and have won the game!