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🎃 Looking for something spooky for Halloween? Click Here 🎃

Gembatan - Board Game

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Armed with amulet tiles and dual-direction gems, your goal is to align colours to score points.

You may only lay a tile if you have a matching gem to place within it, so plan your moves wisely. Earn the most points and you will be richly rewarded as the victor!

What’s in the box?

  • 60 tiles
  • 60 gems
  • Game board

How to play:

On your turn, add one or more tiles to the board according to the rules of tile placement.

  1. For every tile you play, you must also play the connecting gem with the colours aligned as shown below.
  2. Gems may be placed in either a socket created when you add a new tile to the grid, or by filling in a socket left empty by another player.
  3. Each tile you play after the first of your turn must connect to a tile you already played that turn.
  4. Your tile cannot cut off a socket.
  5. If placing a tile creates more than 1 socket, you are only required to place a gem in 1 of those sockets.

Every gem you add to the grid counts for one point, this includes gems played to fill an existing open socket. If a gem that you add creates a diagonal chain of 3 or more gems that share a colour, score one point for each gem in the line. You cannot form horizontal or vertical chains. You score points for every gem in the chain, even if you are adding to a chain created by another player.

Play continues until there are no gems left in the tray, and either:

  • One player uses up all of their gems, or
  • A round passes with no player able to make any plays.

Each player then deducts one point for each gem they have left. The player with the most points wins!