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Free Shipping On UK Orders When You Spend £25+ 📦

For The King (and Me) - Board Game

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The young monarch has no knack for governing. That’s where you come in! Use your noble influence to outbid your opponents for the most illustrious duties in the Government. Share cards, choose the most prestigious jobs… then BID in the auction to raise your victory points to win!

It’s a game of royal sharing and bidding (until it’s all yours) – can you become the most valuable minister?

What’s in the box:

  • One government board
  • Five noble tiles
  • 36 duty tiles
  • One card distribution sheet
  • 108 cards:
    – 54 government cards
    – 15 king cards
    – 39 gold cards

How to play:

Stand out in the eyes of the king by taking on the most prestigious duties! From diplomacy, architecture and military to royal banquets, someone needs to take charge of these important jobs. All ministers are aiming to be the most valuable advisors to the king!

Players try to become the most valuable minster by collecting the right cards, whilst lowering the value of your opponents objectives.

Each player takes a noble tile, this is your character for the game.

Place each three value duty tiles on the matching spaces on the Government Board, below each portrait. Shuffle the cards and randomly return a select number to the box, shuffle remaining cards again. This is your face down deck.

The game plays over TWO phases, the ‘Share Influence phase’ and the ‘Gain Esteem phase’. Each of these phases consist of multiple rounds in which players will collect cards, then bid for cards.

  1. Share Influence Phase

 Players take turns at being the advisor, distributing cards from the deck to everyone. Then each players turn takes 3 steps;

  1. Distribute cards – when you are the advisor, draw a card and place it either in your deck, in the middle of the table face up, or next to the government board on the favour deck. Keep drawing until you reach the limit in all decks.
  2. Choose central cards – each opponent choses one face up card to add to their deck.
  3. Change ‘Advisor’ to the next person.

Make sure, if you receive a ‘King Card’ you reveal it immediately and modify the value of the Duty Tiles to the corresponding symbols.

Secondary Duty Tiles will change value throughout the game, depending on the draw of the primary tiles.

  1. Gain Esteem Phase

This is where the bidding comes in. Play over several rounds and bid with the amount of points in your deck you have created.

  1. Turn over the top card from the favour deck
  2. Bid to win this card, then in a clockwise order raise or pass.
  3. Whoever wins the card, pays the amount bid and takes the card into their hand.

End of the game:

Add up your Government Cards of each colour separately. Then the player with the highest score, takes the Primary Duty tile of the corresponding colour. The player with the second highest score in that colour, wins the Secondary Tile.

Count all your victory points together – highest score wins!

Improve your own image while weakening others’ – that’s the court in a nutshell!


For the King (and Me) game play is similar to designer Steve Finn’s Biblios game, and you can play with up to 5 people at once!