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Free Shipping On UK Orders When You Spend £25+ 📦

Family Secrets - Online Escape Room Adventure

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‘Family Secrets’
 is an Online Point & Click Escape Room Game

You've received an old-fashioned handwritten letter from England. You haven’t seen one of those for a long time! However, the content of the letter makes you think...After the death of your great-uncle, you are invited to come to his estate but why have you never heard of this great-uncle? 

The letter raises more questions than it answers. What kind of secret is hidden in your family?

Play with friends and family via phone or video connection & collaborate to solve the mystery together!

Players: Up to 4 players (1 player screen shares to the others)
Age: 10+
Time: approx. 90-180 Minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Compatibility: Desktop/Laptop ONLY 
Please use updated Google Chrome for best experience and ensure you are running the latest updated version. Some MAC devices may have compatibility issues, we recommend using Window 10 on either Desktop/Laptop

Accessibility - For up to date accessibility info CLICK HERE
Price: £12 per game access

Please Note - The login for this game works differently from our other games. 1 Person can log in and then screen share, or if you are playing in one house you can have it on one screen and gather round. You could even plug an HDMI into a TV & have it on the big screen!
For signing up & as part of the game, you will need to use an email account