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Welcome To The Panic Room Online - Escape Room & Puzzle Shop

EXIT - The Secret Lab - Escape Room Board Game

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Participants in a clinical trial, players find themselves within the confines of a laboratory, punctual for their appointment. However, the expected staff is conspicuously absent, and an unsettling feeling begins to set in. The situation takes a turn for the worse as steam billows from a test tube, culminating in dizziness and unconsciousness among the group. Upon awakening, they're faced with a grim reality: the door is securely locked, leaving no apparent escape route. Their only hints lie within a notebook and a mysterious spinning code dial, suggesting a way out may be deciphered.

In "Exit: The Game – The Secret Lab," the challenge is set for players to unite their collaborative spirit, unleash their creativity, and employ deductive reasoning to navigate through codes, puzzles, and various obstacles to gradually secure their escape.

To enhance the gameplay experience, it's strongly advised to prepare with pens or pencils, writing paper, and scissors, ensuring that players are fully equipped to engage with the game's interactive elements and solve its intriguing puzzles.