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EXIT - The Deserted Lighthouse Jigsaw Puzzle - Escape Room Board Game

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Battling against a fierce storm along a forbidding, rocky coastline, you search desperately for refuge. Just as you are soaked through, a hopeful light slices through the tempestuous night—a lighthouse! Abruptly, its guiding light extinguishes, leaving you in darkness. Out at sea, a ship sails perilously close to the cliffs, its fate now seemingly entwined with your ability to relight the beacon. Your mission becomes clear: navigate the myriad challenges within the lighthouse and reignite its light before disaster strikes.

"Exit: The Game + Puzzle – The Deserted Lighthouse" challenges players with an intricate layering of puzzles encapsulated within four 88-piece jigsaw puzzles. Diverging from traditional board or card-based formats, this entry in the EXIT series requires players to solve puzzles to discover the next, with each assembled jigsaw revealing new locations brimming with enigmas.

In "EXIT The Game: The Deserted Lighthouse," your objective is to ascend the lighthouse, overcoming the puzzles that obstruct your path, to activate its beacon, thus averting a maritime tragedy. Initially, you are equipped only with a bag of nondescript, grayish-blue puzzle pieces and a decoder disk, but as you progress, you'll uncover peculiar items integral to deciphering the puzzles laid before you.

This gripping adventure concludes once the final riddle is unraveled and the lighthouse beacon is once again ablaze, ensuring the ship's safe passage. With a difficulty level of 4 out of 5, "The Deserted Lighthouse" offers a challenging yet rewarding experience, blending physical puzzle assembly with the mental gymnastics of riddle-solving to create a uniquely immersive gameplay experience.