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EXIT - Dead Man On The Orient Express - Escape Room Board Game

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"Exit: The Game – Dead Man on the Orient Express" immerses players in the opulent and mysterious atmosphere of one of the most famous train journeys in history, with a twist straight out of a classic detective story. As the luxurious Orient Express speeds through the European landscape, a chilling murder demands your attention and sleuthing skills. It's a race against time to sift through clues, interrogate suspects, and solve puzzles before the train reaches its final destination, and the murderer slips away.

Commencing with its third season, the Exit series introduces a structured classification of difficulty levels to challenge puzzle enthusiasts of varying expertise. "Dead Man on the Orient Express" is assigned to the hard level, setting the stage for an intricately designed puzzle experience that demands keen observation, deductive reasoning, and a collaborative spirit.

Like its predecessors, this installment continues the tradition of bringing the escape room experience home, requiring players to engage with the game materials in creative and sometimes irreversible ways. Be prepared to fold, write upon, or even tear through components as you delve deeper into the mystery aboard the Orient Express, making every decision and solved puzzle a step closer to unveiling the identity of the culprit. With its sophisticated puzzles and immersive narrative, "Dead Man on the Orient Express" offers a thrilling and challenging adventure for those daring enough to embark on this perilous journey.