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Escape the Cursed Temple Puzzle Card


The Escape the Cursed Temple Card puts you in the shoes of an adventurer trying to locate the Canopic Jar of Eternity in an ancient Egyptian temple!

To beat the card you must solve a series of trials by solving all of the puzzles within the temple.  In the story, you travel to Egypt after receiving a mysterious letter from your long last father.  Things are not what they seem though and quickly you will be faced with a powerful enemy who must be stopped from gaining the Jar for himself!

The Card is accompanied by a separate journal which contains a series of clues that will help you solve the trials within the temple and ultimately reach the Jar of Eternity.

Once the user has solved the clues to the trials, they must enter their answers online to see if they are correct.

This Puzzle Card contains color-based puzzles.  If you are buying for someone who is color blind, we would recommend one of our other great Puzzle Cards.