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🎲 Gravesend Board Game Cafe Now Open! Book Now ☕

Escape The 90's Escape Room Board Game

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When a visit to a 90s hotel goes wrong and you end up stuck in the 90s, will you have the skills to escape?

This is everything you need to make an at-home escape room. Solve the probems to get back to the present. Included: Host's instructions, 2x paper pills, 6x puzzles (games/toys, living room, movie/tv, music, politics and tech), bright light art board box, TV guide, paper cut out sheet, cassette tape box, ginger spice tube, voice recorder, computer, Hints and answers booklet, time sheet, final stage door code. You also need a tv, remote or something tv related, sports equipment (example trainers), herbs, spices and a pillow, which are not included.

✔ Suitable for up to 6 players

✔ Game play 2-3 hours