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POP 'PLOSION SALE 💥 40% off ALL Funko products! Use code "PLOSION"

Escape Room Advent Calendars (4 to choose from)

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Get into the festive spirit with these Escape Room Advent Calendars! 

All 4 calendars have a range of Christmas-related puzzles to work out, hiding a tasty chocolate or jelly bean treat behind each one! Everything you need is on the calendar box itself.

Perfect for anyone who likes puzzles, those who enjoy Escape Rooms, or is looking for that 'something different' approach to counting down to Christmas.

Great to keep children engaged, keeping the mind active, and solving together with the family or by yourself. Recommended age 10 and above, some children may need guidance with some puzzles. 

Escape The Christmas Closet (Toy Workshop)
It's a busy life being an Elf, you have to sort the presents, fix toys and keep the workshop clean. While sent to tidy up the closet where the broken toys are kept, the door closes and locks behind you. Now stuck inside the Christmas closet, you must tidy as you go and search for the spare keys to get out of here before Christmas day, hopefully!

The Mystery of the Half-Eaten Carrots (White)

A detective adventure calendar with a mystery to solve! Crumbs of half-eaten carrot lie in the now empty store. One Christmas creature loves carrots more than any others; it MUST be one of the reindeer, but which one?! Search through the stables and find the culprit before they eat all the Snowmen’s noses!

Escape the Advent Calendar (Blue)

Welcome to a humble little town in the snow. The children are playing in the streets, and Santa has dropped his gifts! Make your way through the village center, solving the Christmas clues and riddles to find the next window to open! No numbers, only pictures! 

Dietary Info: Milk Chocolate, Vegetarian friendly
Precaution from Chocolate Factory - May contain traces of nuts

Available for delivery worldwide.