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Escape Mail - Episode 1-8 Bundle


Welcome to Escape Mail, Season 1

Welcome to Season 1 of Escape Mail featuring 12 interconnected episodes! In Episode 1 you will be introduced to your long lost cousin Joshua Jordan Fitzpatrick. You will receive a mysterious envelope that contains strange items - how can they help you locate lost treasure? Challenged by your cousin, you set off on the task to determine the location of the gold and quickly discover that this is more than just a mere game. 

What can you expect to receive?

Each episode, you will help your cousin solve escape-room style puzzles through various scenarios as he sends you items you will need: both physical and digital. Scenarios include: exploring an ancient temple, breaking out of an enemy submarine, decoding blackmarket documents, deciphering underground schematics, navigating metropolitan maps, and SO much more. You won’t believe what fits in an envelope!

This bundle contains: Episodes 1-8

"I honestly had such a good time and I’m happy to say that this is probably my favourite play-at-home escape room I’ve done during quarantine so far." The Escape Roomer