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🎲 Gravesend Board Game Cafe Now Open! Book Now ☕

DOSA Game - Dexterity Board Game

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DOSA is a skill game using MagDrop Technology. Players try to score high by throwing the DOSA discs, and have them MagDrop on the game boards. A MagDrop happens when the disc lands on the board without moving even a fraction of an inch!

The game is played over five rounds. Each round, each player throws the three discs, one at a time. Each disc is scored when it lands. After five rounds, the player with the highest total wins!

The game comes with 4 square game boards, 3 DOSA discs, 1 bag for carrying the game, 1 scoring pad, 20 silicone stickers to help keep the boards in place. Can you MagDrop?