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Design Town - City Building Card Game

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In Design Town, the twisted city-building card game, the players are freshly elected mayors of charming, small towns. For their term of office, they have set themselves an ambitious goal: they want to be the first to turn their respective town into a flourishing city. Fame and glory (and the re-election) lie in store for the most successful mayor. However, the citizens are not all that excited about the sudden changes going on around them. If the players act too carelessly, the annoyance of the citizens may put a stop to their endeavours…

Design Town is an entertaining card game in which players have to push their luck on every turn. By revealing as many cards from their deck as they want, they try to gain enough coins to build new buildings or upgrade them by flipping their cards over. However, if they reveal too many sad faces, their turn ends. Only with an optimized card deck and a well-designed city will a player be able to score eight victory points in one turn and thus win the game.