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POP 'PLOSION SALE 💥 40% off ALL Funko products! Use code "PLOSION"

DC Comics Superman Birthright Part 1 (Vol 40)

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Volume 40 of the DC Graphic Novel Collection features SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT originally published as Superman: Birthright #1-6 September 2003 – February 2004.

The world knows that Superman fights for truth and justice... but what drove a farm boy from Kansas to divide his life between posing as a mild-mannered reporter for The Daily Planet and embarking on a career as Metropolis’ heroic
Man of Steel?

Bonus material: ACTION COMICS #245 Originally published in October 1958. The evil alien Brainiac reduced the Kryptonian city of Kandor and kept it imprisoned in a bottle. For the first time since saving the city, Superman shrinks down for an adventure in this tiny slice of his home world. Meanwhile, on Earth, a renegade scientist poses as the Man of Tomorrow.

Add this fantastic hardback 176-page comic book to your DC Graphic Novel Collection, as storylines go this will be as gripping as ever!