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DC Comics - Green Lantern - Revenge Of The Green Lanterns

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REVENGE OF THE GREEN LANTERNS Originally published as Green Lantern #7-13, February–August 2006.

Hal Jordan – the Green Lantern of space sector 2814 – has much to atone for. Possessed by an alien entity, Jordan once dismantled the entire Green Lantern Corps, killing many friends in the process.

Now he has regained the trust of his friends and allies and is rebuilding his life as a member of the Corps, a defender of Earth and a human being. But fate won’t let Jordan move beyond his past. The Green Lanterns Jordan thought he had killed may still be alive... and crying for his blood.

DC COMICS PRESENTS #27 Originally published in November 1980. 

In his first appearance, Mongul, an interplanetary conqueror, forces Superman to battle J’onn J’onnz for a crystal key that will give him control of Warworld, an artificial weapons-planet.