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POP 'PLOSION SALE 💥 40% off ALL Funko products! Use code "PLOSION"

Cold Case Investigation File #2 - An Unforeseen Murder

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I'm afraid to report that there has been a murder. DS Briggs is once again looking for investigators to help him clear the case.

Our victim seems to have been playing with fire and has paid the highest price.

Which of our suspects is the killer, what secret were they trying to hide by doing this dastardly deed and will they strike again? Well, they might if you cant get to the bottom of it!

Grab your deerstalker and a glass of something suitable. Work within a team of your choice or go it alone to follow the clues and find the wrong un.

Suitable for ages 12+ this game can be played with a team, family members or just by yourself.