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🎃 Looking for something spooky for Halloween? Click Here 🎃
🎃 Looking for something spooky for Halloween? Click Here 🎃

The Butterfly Curse - Horror Escape Room Box

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"The Butterfly Curse” is an original horror escape game that mixes physical and digital puzzles with dark narrative to immerse you in a such terrifying experience that it may be impossible for you to distinguish reality from fiction.

The legend tells that certain people who are blessed with the gift of deciphering and solving the most complex puzzles descend from dark pacts of blood.

But now, an evil curse hangs over their shoulders, one that is taking the life of more than a hundred people.


You will receive a mystery envelope with all the components:

· Clue papers

·Thermochromic carton board

· String

· Extra envelope with a mysterious surprise.

A mysterious envelope will reach your hands. Inside, you will find the material that serves as a bridge to connect the

physical and digital world. By interacting with it, you must solve the enigmas and puzzles to survive this evil curse.