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🎲 Gravesend Board Game Cafe Now Open! Book Now ☕

The Cryptographer - Virtual Escape Adventure

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Purchase includes one 6-month license and 5 guest codes for 6 simultaneous logins.

Story: You receive a cryptic message from an agent who went missing months ago. Clues guide you along a twisted path through the city of New Hyperion in search of the missing agent.

Is it a plea for help, or a trap - or both? Only you and your team of agents can put a stop to a plan to control Earth's defense satellite system, IF you survive that long.

Examine the clues; solve the puzzles; complete the mission!

Game Details:
Players: 1-6
Age: 8+
Time: 2-2.5 hours
Difficulty: Difficult
Compatibility: Laptop/PC strongly recommended

Note: Game can be played up to 6 months from the purchase date.  Guest codes expire 48 hours after registration.