Family Secrets - Online Escape Room Adventure

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‘Family Secrets’ is an Online Point & Click Escape Room Game

You've received an old-fashioned handwritten letter from England. You haven’t seen one of those for a long time! However, the content of the letter makes you think...After the death of your great-uncle, you are invited to come to his estate but why have you never heard of this great-uncle? 

The letter raises more questions than it answers. What kind of secret is hidden in your family?

Play with friends and family via phone or video connection & collaborate to solve the mystery together!

Players: Up to 4 players (1 player screen shares to the others)
Time: approx. 90-180 Minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Compatibility: Desktop, Laptop or iPad -
Please use updated Google Chrome for best experience and ensure you are running the latest updated version.
Price: £12 per game access