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  • The Bank Job - Trapped Escape Room Board Game

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    You assemble your team, a notorious group of successful bank robbers. Known for your special skills in safe cracking, your reputation is feared by every bank in London.

    Rumour has it that an unscheduled shipment of gold has just been delivered to the SOVO Bank. Locked in a secure vault and under heavy surveillance, will your team live up to its name and pull off the crime of the century?

    Your intelligence team confirm the sleeping gas has successfully knocked out the security guards and everyone else in the building. You’re safe for an hour but after sixty minutes you will have to make a critical decision; stay a little longer and risk everyone waking up or abort the mission and run! Pull it off and you’ll be set for life!
    • Turn your house into an escape room. Crack the clues, open the safe – exit the vault
    • Escape room in a box. All the fun of a cooperative escape board game – without the board
    • You all play at once. No turn taking. Adults, kids, teens and families can all join in at once
    • Not a card game. Real codes to crack and tests to pass in this interactive family game
    • Perfect for the family. Age 8+ Complete with code reading square, puzzles, clues, solutions, props Great gift for birthdays, game night or Christmas